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Collections Attorney: Business & Individual Debt Collections

St. Louis Collections Attorney: Debt Collection & Recovery

When you, as a business or individual, are unable to collect the money you are owed, you have several options. Often the best choice is to contact a collections attorney who can help you by taking the appropriate legal action in order to recover the money that you are owed. Selecting the right collections attorney will be the best way to put you on the path to receiving the money you are owed in a timely manner.

As a St. Louis collections attorney, Mr. Jacobs can offer a variety of legal solutions to protect your financial interests and to help you recover the money, which you are owed. Our debt collections services that are available for individuals and businesses include pre-suit negotiations and workouts, legal and arbitral trials, and post-judgment enforcement and recovery. We will fight aggressively to maximize the collection and recovery of your overdue and delinquent debts and to protect your financial interests. We also provide services in defense of collection matters.

To learn more about working with Mr. Jacobs as your St. Louis collections attorney, please contact our law firm online, by mail, or by phone.

Requirements for Representation from our St. Louis Collections Attorney

As an experienced St. Louis collections attorney, we look forward to working with you to help you recover the money you are owed or defend you from an overzealous creditor. We will protect your financial interests. Before representing you or your company as your collections attorney, we will require:

  • A Signed Collection Retainer Agreement;
  • The requisite cost advance amount per file of $150 (or $250 if Circuit Court filing);
  • All invoices relating to your account;
  • A statement of the account (usually listing the invoices and total owed);
  • Any dishonored checks presented;
  • Any documents signed by the debtor;
  • Any contracts signed by the debtor; and
  • Any language from the back of your invoices or contracts.

Important Forms for Working with our Collections Attorney:

To learn more about working with Mr. Jacobs as your collections attorney or for a consultation with our collections attorney regarding your particular case, please contact our St. Louis law firm today.

Why Hire a Collections Attorney for Debt Collections

Mr. Jacobs is a St. Louis debt collections attorney who offers debtors, creditors, businesses, and individuals those debt collection services which are beyond what collections agencies can offer. We will approach your debtor from a legal standpoint, filing suit and prosecuting your matters to the fullest extent permitted by law. This allows us to more effectively recover the money you are owed. As your collections attorney, we will contact your debtor on your behalf in order to collect the money that you are owed, establish a payment plan, if appropriate, or otherwise enforce your judgment.

Experienced Collections Attorney for Individuals & Companies in St. Louis

Collections Attorney - St. Louis Law Firm

Our debt collections services are available to individuals and companies throughout St. Louis, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Madison County and St. Clair County, Illinois, and Springfield, Missouri. With our debt collections services, our collections attorney’s number one priority is to look out for your financial interests. We will aggressively fight for you. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis, whereby you will not owe attorney’s fees unless we recover the money owed to you. Defense services are performed on an hourly basis.

To learn more about our collections services or for a consultation with our collections attorney for your particular case, contact Mr. Jacobs, your St. Louis collections attorney, today. As an experienced St. Louis law firm, we will help you collect the money that you are owed and defend your financial interests.