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Business and Corporate Lawyer in St. Louis

Corporate Lawyer: Business Litigation in St. Louis

Small businesses and corporations face unique legal challenges on a fairly regular basis. Therefore, it is important that businesses build a relationship with a business or corporate lawyer who can handle any and all of the legal issues the business faces. From starting a new business or selling a business to contract disputes and litigation, having an experienced corporate lawyer on your side, will ensure that your business’s best interests are protected at all times.

Mr. Jacobs is an experienced and knowledgeable business and corporate lawyer in St. Louis who has extensive experience working with small businesses and corporations on all types of legal issues. If you would like to work with Mr. Jacobs as your corporate lawyer for any legal business issue, contact our law firm online, by mail, or by phone at (314) 942-7999today!

Requirements for Representation from our Corporate Lawyer

In order to work with Mr. Jacobs as your small business or corporate lawyer, please contact our office as requirements for representation depend on the nature of your matter.

Important Forms for Working with our Corporate Lawyer

Services A Business & Corporate Lawyer can Provide

St. Louis Corporate Lawyer: Business Law & Litigation

Corporate lawyers and small business attorneys specialize in providing a variety of services to meet the legal needs of small to medium sized businesses and startups. These services can range from assisting with founding a business entity to handling day to day legal issues and litigation as necessary. All of these issues can be important for any small business.

At our law firm, we understand that in many cases, the success of your business lies in an ability to resolve legal issues quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a business or corporate lawyer is an important partner for any business as they can help resolve legal concerns and allow you to return to doing business.

Small Business Formation & Start-Up Services

As a small business and corporate lawyer, Mr. Jacobs can offer advice for those forming a business. Types of services that are related to business formation may include:

  • Offering counsel regarding the type of business entity that will be most advantageous in a particular situation
  • Drafting the necessary documents to create a business entity
  • Filing the required documents with the State of Missouri to establish a business entity
  • Acting as the Registered Agent for the business
  • Drafting shareholder agreements

Business Litigation, Counsel, & Negation Services

For existing small businesses and corporations, our corporate lawyer can assist with a variety of counsel, negotiation, and litigation related services. These services will help protect your business on a day to day basis and ensure that your business is able to operate in the most efficient way possible. Services may include:

  • Developing purchase agreements
  • Assisting in real estate transactions
  • Drafting subcontractor agreements
  • Drafting non-compete agreements
  • Reviewing vendor agreements
  • Resolving employment and labor issues
  • Resolving commercial disputes
  • Providing counsel during business litigation
  • Addressing contract disputes
  • Aiding in debt collection
  • Assisting in the sale or purchase of a business

Request a Consultation with our Business and Corporate Attorney

If you would like to work with Mr. Jacobs as your business attorney, contact our St. Louis law firm today schedule a free consultation with Mr. Jacobs and to discuss how we can meet your legal needs.